Where to get cash for your junk car in Indianapolis

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Junk cars are more than just an eyesore. They can be hazardous to the health of those around them and even cause damage to other vehicles if not removed from the area. The longer it is left, the worse it will be. If you want to get rid of that old clunker for good, let’s discuss how you can get cash for junk cars in Indianapolis – fast! Many companies buy all types of junk vehicles, including non-running or wrecked cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. No matter what condition your vehicle is in – you may receive the best price for any make or model at Top Dollar Autos! Get cash at the time they come to pick up your vehicle, so you do not have to wait while someone comes to assess its value, and with some companies who offer free junk car removal services but do not really pay anything until weeks later when they have had time to inspect it themselves.

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Is your car in for a pit stop more often than it’s out on the pavement? Go find the best car buyer in Indianapolis, they surely want yours and you can get your cash fast today. There’s no reason to keep dumping money into a car that barely runs, or worse still, one that’s sitting dead in your driveway. Top Dollar Autos junk car buying service pays on the spot with none of the problems you normally associate with junk yards. Call them and see how friendly the junk men can be!

How to cash in your junk car for top dollar?


Do you have an old and damaged car? Considering how to cash in or how to sell your junk car or scrap your car for cash? Are you in need of more money in your pocket or would you like to get some money for a new vehicle?

We will guide you through the details on how to get the top dollar from your junk car in this post!

A junk car is any vehicle which is significantly aged, has substantial damage, or just, the costs of fixing it are higher than the value of the ride.

If your car is corroded, has damage beyond repair, and you are no longer capable of selling it, and it has also reached its estimated time in life (EOL), then you might have to seriously think about scrap metal for your car. Any junk car shouldn’t be worth anything.

Over 15 million vehicles reach the end of their useful life each year in the United States, and 13 million are sold to junkyards.

When is the right time for junking your car?


There are many signals which may tell you if your car is already set for getting into the scrap yard.

A few of these signals may be:

1)  Poor value: if the vehicle’s current value is low (for example, saying it is worth no more than $500), you may think about scrapping it.

2)  Parking site: in case your car is parked in a wrong place, where it has been sitting for a long time without being driven, without permission, you have to take it out of the driveway and just dump it.

3)  Date: If your vehicle is obsolete, it may be scrapped. Although, many brand-new cars may be scrapped faster than the older ones if they develop major issues and cannot be repaired.

4)  Defects: If the car is missing critical parts (e.g., transmission, engine, or tires) or is seriously defective or broken, then you may be ready to scrap the car.

Basically, there is not a simple way to figure out when it is time to get rid of your car. For example, if a new car is in an accident and it gets destroyed, it can be recycled right away.

Some key guidelines to obtain the highest benefits from your junked car


Today, almost every vintage car has a cult following. Vintage cars that were irrelevant yesterday may become classics tomorrow. There are millions of car lovers who would love to restore all, or part of their vintage vehicle. As a potential junk seller, you should first try selling your car on Craigslist, Facebook, eBay before you scrap it, even if you only sell it for scrap. You will likely make a little more money doing it this way, and the buyer will almost definitely grab it for free. Not to mention that you will be significantly minimizing wastes and also helping to keep other cars on the road.

Find a local junk car buyer


A basic Google search for “junk your car near me” or “junk your car out for cash nearby” will get you to a local junk car shopper. There must be several junk car shoppers in your area. 

Ask for budgets to at least three junkyard or junk car buyers. They will tell you if they are paying you a certain price for your junk car.

They may initially ask you for information about your car; the better information you give them, the most time you will save for them and yourself.

Looking for a quick fix for your damaged vehicle? Have you been looking to “sell a car that won’t run”? Top Dollar Autos can help! If you have a non-running car with a broken engine or an engine damage, you will be given cash on site and have it picked up for free! At Top Dollar Autos are always willing to buy all non-running cars, no matter what condition they are in! If you are ready to sell your non-running, non-drivable car, make a call at (317) 662-0765 or Contact Us to get your quick cash offer.

As a summary, it can be stated that junk cars are old, broken, hard-to-repair vehicles. Junk cars often cost more than they are worth.

Finding a junk car buyer for your car is easy; however, getting the most money for your junk car is a little more difficult.

To get the best rate, do your research on the junk buyer, get quotes from different buyers and do the math.